The Touch is a Barcelona brand that wants to offer quality complements to bridal fashion designers and multibrand bridal and party dresses shops. Our bridal collection of fur, feathers and mohair wool accessories is dessigned to complement and enchance the designs of winter brides.

We also offer a casual collection for all those women’s clothing stores that want to offer differentiating accessories.


Complements for a woman with  personal touch; feminine, dynamic and elegantly cool. Casual sophistication lover.
New luxury streetwear accessories that draw the versatibility of the urban life,  day or night.
Pieces that give the touch that rounds a look refined and contemporary. Ideals for special events and for the daily life.
The style, the singularity and the noble materials explain our history, done of passion, tradition, details and research.
Our aim is the touch creation  that distinguishes the personal character of each style.